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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 28, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> as mark twain said, nothing needs more reforming than somebody else's habit. >> sean: greta is next.cvóñ see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight arizona says, time's up. arizona is waiting no longer for empty federal promises about securing our borders. >> our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring new guards, departing twice as many criminal aliens as ever before. >> there will be a coordinated effort to safeguard our transportation systems and secure the border so we are better able to protect our citizens and welcome our friends. >> we said we would enforce the borders, the american people didn't believe us. they don't believe us because of our fail newer katrina, failure in iraq, failures in r bringing in corruption and out
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of control spending. we tried and failed. i appreciate the president's efforts. we've learned the american people want borders enforced. president we should continue the work of fixing our broken immigration system to secure our borders and enforce our laws and ensure that everyone who plays by the rules can contribute to our economy and enrich our nation. >> greta: just a sample of the federal promises. arizona tired of waiting. now the law is causing a firestorm. the sheriff supports the new law, he joins us live. good evening, sir why do you support this new state law? >> crime is often charts near arizona. we have some of the highest crime statistics in america. officers being assaulted. officer involved shootings, carjackings home invasions in
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the absence of federal action our state now taking action. it is welcomed action and step by us who serve in law enforcement. >> greta: we could go back well beyond former president clinton when he was in office and find federal lead said we've got to secure our borders. i take it do you not think our government is going to secure the borders? have you given up or not? >> not at all. what chief is a lack of uniformity here even locally. we've had an evolution, if you will, in local leaders even in law enforcement, where we've always bought into this idea that that i is a federal problem. we can no longer afford to ignore that crime in my county where we have a third of our population is hispanic, latino, i have 200 of my taff that are, we are going to apply this new law without profiling anyone. last month get we had -- >> greta: go ahead sorry to interrupt.
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>> raft last month we had 64 pursuits in one of our patrol regions. a vehicle fails to yield for our lights going on and sirens blaring, they takeoff and speed up in high speed pursuits, running red lights. intentionally causing traffic wrecks to not just avoid the police but tactics have changed, they are always armed this has resulted in numerous people killed in traffic wrecks in my county. who are these people fleeing from law enforcement? smugglers. not only of drugs but of humans. they are trying to get to metro phoenix. right now it has reached an epidemic proportion here in arizona this is where you have sheriffs like myself, police chiefs calling for what senator mccain and kyl have asked is 3,000 soldiers to the border. until we literally stop the unseemingly flow of illegals coming in, it is like a
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hamster wheel. we are going to keep chasing our tail. we would never ask for actual troop to the border if we could handle this on our own and we can't. >> greta: i take it you would méer in a best case scenario, that you didn't have to handle this, that the federal government would step in and would handle it would secure the borders? would that be something you would prefer to having your department handle this? >> that's part of it. i can tell you that every component, the beauty of the mccain plan brings together federal agents, it brings together state and county and local law enforcement all together, troops at the border, continue building the fence that president obama suspended and all of this working in partnership. over half of the illegals coming into america this is why you are seeing us take action. they come in arizona. enough is enough. >> greta: you said you wouldn't do pro filing. how do you know you won't did
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profiling? >> last night we had deputies go on a traffic stop. they stopped somebody, not because of the color of their skin but because they were breaking a traffic law, speeding. the deputy pull the traffic stop. the driver pulled into a residential driveway, the operator of the vehicle immediately got out, which is an alert to an officer. the depend day approached him and said what's -- the deputy approached him and said hey what's going on. the suspect said there is nobody in the car, then took off on foot. the deputy stayed with the vehicle, had seen the trunk pop open and two deputies approached the vehicle and surprise, in a ford taurus there were nine other people, including two in the trunk that's what we call reasonable suspicions or a clue in law enforcement. we would take any lawful action we normally do. here in america we trust our
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police officers with the authority that say you committed a crime, greta or any citizen that we have this awesome authority to suspend somebody's constitutional rights and freedoms. we also have the lawful authority to literally use lethal force and take somebody's life and yet, here we are questioning the fact that we can't build the components that are necessary to get to reasonable suspicion and probable cause. i would submit to you and all of our citizens that we do this on every call. whether we determine if there's criminal action and we need to make an arrest or a civil matter or there's many times there's no lawful action that we take. >> greta: sheriff, thank you and good luck, sir. >> thank you greta. >> greta: first, arizona, now utah. utah republican state representative steven sandstrom joins us live. why are you introducing -- i -- why you are you drafting
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legislation that is similar to that of arizona? >> good evening greta. good to be on the show. right now, it is imperative that the state of utah act aggressively with the same type of legislation that we have in arizona, because in the past when arizona has tightened the noose around illegal immigration we've seen an influx leaving arizona and coming to utah. utah is seen as a magna state as the light on illegal immigration here. >> greta: is the reception in utah? are people actually -- i can understand why the border states, they've been dealing with the issues of crime and drugs for quite sometime. utah is a little bit distant from the border. are you feeling some of the illegal immigration in your state? >> we certainly are. here in the state of utah we border to the south with arizona.
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we are seeing the same type of criminal activity here. for instance, over 50,000 of the children in the state of utah have had their identities stolen by illegal aliens for job-related felonies. we've also seen a huge increase in criminal activity with gang-related violence, drug-related violence attributed to illegal immigration here in our state. >> greta: do you worry, because -- our country we want to protect our citizens, we want to ferret out crime, prosecute crime and we also want to make sure that we adhere to our constitution. do you worry there will be infringement of constitutional rights or civil rights violations? do you worry with the statute you are drafting? >> i'm not worried about that happening. as the good sheriff just indicated. when you are stopped for a traffic stop there has to be probable cause to pursue any type of arrest.
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if somebody stops new utah and they do not have a driver's license, an alien card and do not speak english that may establish probable cause. the last thing i would want to see happen in the state of utah is have racial profiling take place specifically where people are looked at for the color of their skin that is not the case. >> greta: if someone is standing on the street corner and doing nothing sinister, nothing wrong, that the statute you would draft would forbid a police officer to step up and say show me you are a citizen? is that a fair description? >> it is. that would be the case. we do not want people to live in fear. people to feel like just because of the color of their skin they might have an accent they may be targeted. the idea is to give law enforcement another tool so if they have that probable cause they may ask for immigration status. we are getting overrun here in the state of utah, just like
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arizona. >> greta: if you go up to someone and the person you question the person and you are satisfied the person hasn't committed a crime, you let the person go or do you ask the added question what is your citizenship? >> i think you let the person go you need to be engaged in some type of activity that would raise the level of suspicion by that police officer to further ask the question. >> greta: if the person has done something enough to you make arrest, you make a -- an arrest regardless if the person is a citizen or not, right? >> of course. >> greta: if you make an arrest without -- i mean someone could be arrested without even asking the citizenship question? >> yes. you could be arrested without of the citizenship question, of course. >> greta: of course also a green card as well. i guess i'm having a hard time understanding now that i think
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this through a little. if someone is doing something suspicious, you find out the person is free and clear of something you don't make an arrest. do you ask that question are you a citizen and you say no? >> yeah, well if they are not a citizen at that point, and they are not here legally, that's the key. we would definitely say that they could be arrested at that point even if it was established you were not committing another crime if 4$ç reason other than just because you happen to be hispanic, let's say. >> greta: i also mean if you have a green card you have a right to be here as well besides being a citizen to make sure i'm clear. state representative, thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: breaking news out of california tonight. san francisco mayor gavin newsome has imposed temporary ban on city workers traveling to arizona for city business. why? you because of the new i am --
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new immigration law. can he do that? the mayor is convening an arizona boycott work group to decide if san francisco should boycott businesses in arizona. rush limbaugh sees the bright side of a boycott. >> san francisco says they are going to boycott arizona. i'm sure the people of arizona are happy as hell about that in fact, if i were the people of arizona i would capture the illegals and send them to san francisco. sanctuary city, you like 'em so much, here, glad to them your way. >> greta: i guess we know where rush limbaugh stands. next, you know things are bad when the u.s. senator dropped the "s" word not once, not twice but over and over again during a senate hearing. what set the senator off? we have a report coming up. the white house keeps saying how great the stimulus is working. maybe the president and
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>> greta: goldman sachs gets a grilling. executives appeared at a senate hearing today. accused of unloading bad investments and making money on unloading the investments. senator carl levin described an development the company sold as an examinive -- expletive deal. >> you are trying to sell a [ bleep ] deal and it is your top priority. should goldman sachs -- by the way it sold a lot after that date. should goldman sachs be trying to sell a [ bleep ] deal? can you answer that one yes or no? >> there are crisis in the market that people want to invest in things. i didn't use that term with respect to this deal. >> what would you change, anything?
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>> sure. >> senator, i think clearly some things need to be changed. i have not read what is proposed. >> you really don't is proposed, you are in the business. i'm a farmer if you ask me what we need to change in agriculture, i can tell you pretty quick. >> greta: wall street reporter for the "new york times", she was at the hearing today. what is that? >> this is all the e-mails documents that the committee put together. it is from these e-mails they were citing during the hearing. they would say turn to exhibit 70. what do you mean by this e-mail? could you tell in many cases they were put on the spot. that these mortgage workers at goldman and executives didn't remember these exact e-mails they had in the past. they had to think through what this deal was on the spot in front of tons of lawmakers and the media. >> greta: they were not the
1:17 am
least bit as i was looking, they were not afraid or apologetic. they were taking the senators on and the senators were taking them on. >> they were you referred to this e-mail with the expletive that called these deals, these vulgar words for these deals. when senator levin questioned the chief financial officer for goldman about the fact that his employees called these deals bad words, he said what do you think about that? he said he regretted those things were in e-mails. which brought a groan across the room. senator levin exploded and said, e-mails? later he had to apologize and say, yeah i regret that the people thought at all. >> greta: one of the investments was timberwolve which we heard about today.
1:18 am
look into the document, did goldman sachs know when they sold this investment -- they made money the people who got it didn't, but they did, did they know it was a lousy thing they were doing at the time? >> it is hard to know everything they knew in a lot of these deals they were talking about they did put in some assets that looked like they were the most troubled in deals where people wanted to bet against them. this other deal abcus the center of an sec complaint now against goldman. the goldman employee who is named in that sec case appeared on also today and was defensive as well. >> greta: did the people who bought these investments. goldman knew what was in it. did the people who bought it did they know the level of risk and how toxic these investments were? >> that is is the issue, what
1:19 am
did they know. goldman did disclose what sorts of things might be in these. the sec case focuses on a deal where goldman did not disclose a prominent short seller was picking out some of what would go into the deal. >> greta: every incentive to have the investment fail. >> he was betting again the market. >> greta: we'll continue to follow this. i'm sure you have a lot of stories. thank you louise. >> thank you. >> greta: while all eyes have been on health care and financial reform you might have missed this. senator brass co-said the president broke a promise no one is talking about. how vicious is politics? we have a fight caught on tape. to think they represent the government and the people. we'll show you the tape. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams.
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>> greta: president obama heads to the heartland. the president is plotting his economic agenda to rural america. republican senator john barrasso also a doctor says the president is making life harder for rural america. before we find out why you think president is making it harder for america. there's news tonight the university of wyoming that a court said bill ayers who is one of the members of the underground will be allowed to speak at the university of wyoming despite threats. >> i don't like it. he is someone who might be a domestic terrorist today, bombing of the capitol building the pentagon. the senate could take a lesson from wyoming. the hearing was yesterday, the judge ruled today, the speech
1:24 am
is tomorrow. >> greta: finally speed in the court system. what is your objection -- why do you say the president -- >> when he was campaigning for office the president said within the first 100 days in office i would have a bipartisan rural summit involving people across the country. there are 50 million americans living in rural america. the president has ignored it until this point. >> greta: why? he has had a lot on his plate. whether you agree or not it is not like he has been sitting around watching television. >> he made a campaign promise he didn't keep. the proposals he's putting forth in terms of our land, energy and water have impacts on rural america that the we have don't like and the people of the western caucus we are dedicated to less government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, secure borders and a strong defense. when you look at the energy
1:25 am
policy and the president today was in iowa at a factory where they make wind turbines he talked about wind energy, it is important. but all the energy is important. we need oil, gas, coal, uranium for nuclear power. the president admitted -- by 2030 wind power is only going to be 20% of the electricity for the country. i worry about the cap and trade, some of the regulations what they are going to do. that is going to raise the cost of energy for all americans. >> greta: i don't mean to be so cynical, but you said there are 50 million rural america that's not a lot of -- more than i thought, but not a lot of vote there is. i think that washington has 10 today to ignore rural america. all of washington not just the democratic party because there aren't so many vote there is. >> for whatever reason -- >> greta: i'm not saying it is
1:26 am
right. it has always struck me. i'm from a rural -- not a rural state i'm not from a huge state. >> that's why our western caucus is committed to bringing up the issues that we think are important. we want to make energy as clean as we can as fast as we can but not raising price the cost of energy for american families. my concern is gas is going to $4 a gallon this summer. when the president is focusing on renewables at the expense -- he talked about spain in his speech today in spain when they put this effort into renewable energy for every green job they lost two jobs which are important red, white and blue jobs for my state and other states of the west. >> greta: senators mccain and kyl want guards onboarder patrol. what about the immigration issue, where do you put that? >> in terms of secure borders
1:27 am
that's very important. i don't believe our southern board secure at this point. we need to do that the question is, are they going to cap and trade, immigration? harry reid has been in the discussion points. we need secure borders in this country we don't have them now. >> greta: thanks. next, good news some economists say things are getting better. there's a big catch, of course. that's next. no other way to sugarcoat this. vice president biden talking about his sex life. ♪
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>> greta: the economy is better. did the stimulus help? not according to a sur very conducted by national association for business economics. 68 economists were surveyed. good news job creation is up. 73% of economists say the stimulus had no affect on employment numbers at their companies. is the survey right? steve moore joins us live.
1:31 am
that seems rather grim for the stimulus bill. >> it was especially because the president keeps saying all economist agree this was the right thing to do many he said that at the passage of the bill and now. i'm an economist who doesn't think this worked well. i was surprised there was such a strong majority. over 2/3 said the stimulus bill made almost no difference in terms of job creation. >> greta: national association for business economics. who are they? >> thing that is important about these economists they are not academics in their ivy towers. >> greta: they may have a different opinion of whether the stimulus bill helped their company versus a small business? >> that's probably right. the fact is, they are watching what is happening in real businesses to see whether these companies are hiring workers. they said at our companies this stimulus bill made almost no difference.
1:32 am
>> greta: why would it? if the stimulus is to create bills why would it help a large corporation? >> because a lot of this money was grant money that went through federal agencies. big companies like general electric and general motors got a lot of stimulus money. >> greta: they didn't create jobs what did they do with it? >> they are looking at the whole economy and saying there is no evidence that the jobs that were created were offsetting the jobs that were lost. since the stimulus bill was started pouring out money we've lost three million jurors. that's hard for the white house to explain. how did we lose three million jobs if they created and saved jobs? >> greta: big corporations got stimulus money? what did they do with it? >> a lot of them used the money for research and projects and so on. if a company money they probably did create some jobs with it. i think what these economists
1:33 am
were saying was that on balance companies didn't add jobs as a result of the stimulus. >> greta: why did they take our money? i'm still stuck with the fact they took money and they didn't create jobs. >> if they would give you free money you would take it . a lot of these companies have big lobbying firms in washington to get as much grant money as they can. >> greta: what were they doing with it? i'm sort of lost on this. that a big company would get money, a grant and i'm trying to think, i guess i need to go on the website to see what they did. >> it didn't make think difference the money was not effective way to create jobs relative to other types of things we might have done like cutting tax rates for business. although, it is interesting the economists said this latest jobs bill, the 17 billion dollar bill that subsidized companies to hire workers they said that didn't
1:34 am
work well either therplt very skeptical of all these federal interventions. the good news is the economy is picking up. we are getting some job growth now. >> greta: i'm a little stuck on what they did with this money. they got grant money, what did they do with it? >> salamander crossings and things like that >> greta: steve, thank you. next high profile commission getting together in washington. do we even need this commissioner do we just need people to do their jobs? we report, you decide, next. update on a governor -- government stimulus program taken to a new hroefl. do you like paying for porn for government workers?
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. storm raffr-ravaged miscould be facing another round of severe weather. meteorologists say potent weather could hit it friday or saturday, causing heavy flooding. the state just beginning to recover from last weekend's to have nadeos. governor haley barbour will put in a federal request on wednesday. the tornadoes hit six southern state, 10 people were killed in mississippi and two others died in alabama. ford reporting earnings of more than $2 billion this year in the first quarter. the highest quarterly profit in six years. this time last year, they
1:39 am
reported a loss of nearly $1.5 billion. new consumer confidence is sending buyers back to the showroom. we return to "on the record with greta van susteren." thanks for watching fox and check out our web site, -- back to greta. >> greta: everyone, yes everyone agrees our national debt is exploding and it is a threat. the president just confined a bipartisan debt commission to tackle the problem. two members of the debt commission, a democrat and republican go on the record. first democratic congressman we asked the congressman why do we need this commission? why can't congress solve of the problem? >> our goal is by 2015, midterm, we solve some of the deficit problems and then going forward long term we come up with suggestions on
1:40 am
how we deal with the long term debt. i think putting people together, republicans and democrats and people from the outside, business people, makes a lot of sense. short term, right now, i think citizensless to talk about the deficit. actual little, -- i think it is senseless to talk about the deficit. actually unemployment would go up. what we want to an individual is the kind of double dip recession that they had in the 30s when deficit hawks said stop the spending and it drove unemployment up again. so, we're talking about down the road. it is good to step back. have people together nay room separate from the day-to-day of politics. >> greta: i understand that everyone has good heart and mind and people who sit here in the house and senate. as i look that is the function
1:41 am
of the members of congress to work together. we have all these committees because we haven't been able to reconcile a budget or come to terms with our growing deficit the president has issued an executive order and taken members of congress and say you come here and get along and talk. the commission is made up of senators and -- of people from the house and the senate and of course erskine bowles and former senator simpson. >> but we don't have a committee dedicated just to looking at our long, term, short term, midterm budget issues. so in a way this is like a committee the president has suggested. all of congress will have to consider whatever we may come up with or not if we don't come up with anything. it is also to be an vice president as well. what are the suggest -- to be an adviser to the president as well.
1:42 am
what are the suggestions? >> greta: you can do that without the commission. i understand it is ugly here on capitol hill the lines are divided. looks like this group can work together more effectively because of its creation. all those things could be done in a perfect world, members of congress could talk to the president, reconcile, we've got a structure in the government and it seems to me that it's inability to achievement of the goals that we would like as a result two create a commission. >> i think this is going to be a useful exercise, even if we don't come to complete consensus. which is, you we are not going to come to a vote at the end if there aren't 14 out of 18 people who agree to a whole land then it won't be in the final report. on the other hand, i think we can put ideas and perspectives on the table. for example, my view is that
1:43 am
we aren't just actuaries or bean counters, we have to be looking at what is the impact. >> greta: visionaries in some way. >> what are we visioning just cutting the deficit is it just about numbers? or what is the impact that is our decisions would have on ordinary people. it is easy to talk about slashing social security or medicare, the average older american makes $18,000 a year. >> greta: the democratic party doesn't even have a budget now from which we can work in terms to figure out what we should slash or save or do anything. all these economic discussions to me, is as an outside sider seem disheartening. >> we know quite a bit. we've taken a lot of decisive action passing care legislation means 1.2 trillion dollars in savings over the
1:44 am
next 20 years. there's a lot of -- the recovery act, creating the jobs that the cbo says it has created. so we are taking action on budget issues. but i think pulling people together to say, what about the long term? and what are the priorities? where are we gonna look? putting revenue on the take. we're talking about tack there is, as well as spending on the table, i think is a useful thing for us to be doing. >> greta: next, the other side of the aisle, congressman camp on the debt commission. he went on the record. you are on this debt commission. let me ask, why do we need a debt commission? we've got lots of members of congress. lots of committees they are supposed to be looking at budgets and how we . why do we have to get a commission? >> because, the system hasn't worked. i think it is one thing people agreed on today, the problem has gotten worse.
1:45 am
we have to act and act now. i think recent events made it even worse. the stimulus really hasn't gotten our economy moving again. dug us a trillion dollars in the hole. the other day we got the final report on the health care bill. health care costs are going up, not down. we heard again and again today health care costs are the biggest driver of creating this deficit problem we have. >> greta: what does it say about the way congress works, if we have these committees and these members and it hasn't worked, so now we have to create something outside. that sounds sort of a lousy message to people across the sounds like you guys don't get along, don't do your jobs now we have to create a group of you guys. >> there are private sector people there. i think it is helpful to have a mission and focus and bring people from different committees and not have them locked in the same issues. bring them together and move
1:46 am
ahead >> greta: there's nothing to strength you from doing that any way. >> we should be able to do it, you are right. it hasn't happened. the deficit has gotten worse. we are at a crisis point. everyone agrees republican and democrat alike there's a serious problem that needs immediate attention. hopefully this commission is a way to jumpstart that process. make a recommendation and have a vote rather than waiting for years in debate like health care. >> greta: i believe everyone wants to fix this problem for whatever reason, we haven't been able to fix it. i'm hopeful for the commit -- for the committee. it seems peculiar we have to create something outside, be that as it may. the report is coming out december 1st, if 14 of the 18 of can you agree those are former or current members of congress. why midterms? >> they were trying to take it out of politics. the deliberation would be completely part of the political campaign. what we are trying to do is
1:47 am
take it outside of that these are going to be long term solutions. these aren't just quick fixes. i think having the report come after the election is a smart thing. >> greta: none of you gets paid extra dime? you don't get any pay, but you will have the -- the commission will have a staff. any idea how big that staff is or what it is going to cost? >> they've announced three people. it is not going to be much help. i think we'll try to do some of the work with some of our own staff this is a low budget operation not a lot of staff and money being spent. i think it is going to be refining issues and trying to come up with a plan to move forward. >> greta: is the plan a recommendation to the president not binding? your report that comes out december 1st, is a recommendation? >> it isn't binding. but the president has said that he will support the efforts of the commission. i think the speaker has said
1:48 am
she will bring this to a vote. i hope that we are able to get a vote after the work is done. there's no guarantee. >> greta: next meeting is may 26th? >> may 26th. >> greta: how was today's meeting? >> it was good. it was a beginning meeting. we started off with the president then the chairman of the fed. then two cbo directors and head of the budget office. we had very knowledgeable important folks talk us to about the nature of the problem and the testimony was consistent. how serious it is, how we need immediate attention. we all spoke for a while. it was attempt to get together and set parameters twoefp divide up into subcommittees. i'll get a subcommittee, and we'll meet weekly and come back in a month. >> greta: next, the best of the rest. how bad are things getting in politics? we have a fight caught on tape. you can judge for yourself.
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest.
1:53 am
vice president biden has way words. while hosting a teacher of the year reception he was clear on how passionate he is about teachers. the vice president told the crowd, i've been sleeping with a teacher for a long time. but it has always been the same teacher. vice president biden was talking about his wife dr. jill biden. you never know what vice presidents will say next. if you thought the health care debate was ugly, check this out. politicians in the ukraine are taking things to a new level. during a debate about the russian navy using the ukrainian port lawmakers started throwing eggs and tomatoes at each other and setting off smoke bombs. the speaker was forced to hide behind a giant black umbrella. you have to admit that is much more fun than a senate filibuster. someone in pen is either really generous or made a mistake. anonymous person just donated
1:54 am
a ring to goodwill, 2.6 carat diamond worth more than $17,000. retired jeweler says he just started shaking when he found the ring. the diamond will be auctioned off at the proceeds will go to people with disabilities. finally, advice, do not mess with texas governor rick perry's dog especially if are a coyote. he was taking a jog with his lab and a coyote jumped out of bushes. the governor pulled a pistol and shooting the coyote. he says he carries the pistol when jogging in case he runs into a snake. he tells the associated press he only made one shot to take down the coyote. there you have the best of the rest. if you have heard of the government agency, sec. do you know what that stands for? did you guess sexual exchange
1:55 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time. last call. government workers surfing for porn equals comedy gold. >> going out on the sec. they call sexual exchange commission. >> what happened now? >> this is unbelievable. reports show during that last big economic crisis, employees
1:59 am
of the securities and exchange commission used government computers to look at porn. and while they're looking at porn, other employees were watching goldman sachs screw the entire country. it's amazing. and then, one day, sec attorney spent up to eight hours per day looking at and down loading porn. and he billed them for 10 hours, it's unbelievable. >> and this story would be much funnier if it were not true. and anyway that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. check out greta wire. we're open 24-7 and follow us on twitter,, slash greta wire. go there. and you can get inside story on fox news, and on this show, and it's a great place to go. keep it here on fox news channel, most


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